Hello all! We are Kyle and Kelly Holden, founders and owners of Hooked On Wisconsin Outdoors. We are a couple based out of Waupaca, WI. We both love everything about the great state of Wisconsin and are passionate about enjoying the outdoors no matter the season.
Kyle grew up learning his love for the outdoors from his best friend. Together they grew their knowledge on both fishing and hunting. Kelly grew up taking regular fishing trips with her family and she has always loved hiking.
In late 2022 Kelly and I were able to chase our dream and moved to central Wisconsin, which has fueled our passion even further! We like to spend our time fishing, hunting, enjoying trails and scenery, scouting land, relaxing on lakes, etc.
One of our favorite things about Wisconsin is making connections with others. As we all know, in Wisconsin, sometimes it just takes a hat, or a shirt, to spark up a conversion. Often times the similarities we find and the relationships that we build are due to our interests of classic Wisconsin outdoor activities.
Hooked On Wisconsin Outdoors, or HOW Outdoors, was created in hopes to bring people together by their mutual love of the great outdoors and all of the activities, scenery, and wildlife that Wisconsin has to offer.
We hope that everyone enjoys our merchandise and most importantly we hope to get Hooked On Wisconsin!